My Glasgow Connections : Allan Bank, Grasmere, The Lake District

Allan Bank, Grasmere, Lake District

Allan Bank was once the home of poet William Wordsworth. He lived there in 1808. A later resident and owner was National Trust founder Canon Hardwicke Rawnsley who left the Georgian house in his will to the National Trust in 1920.
This inspiring building was opened to the public in March 2012. I have visited it often, taking photographs of the many original internal features, which have been carefully restored.
The collage depicts ornate plasterwork, fireplace detail, and parts of the magnificent wooden staircase. The timber doors and skirtings have revealed several layers of paintwork in shades of green, brown and grey, creating interesting patterns and shapes which can be seen in the collage.
The house has large restored windows which frame breathtaking views of Grasmere Lake and the Lake District Fells. A stunning building which can be explored both inside and out.

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