Elements of the West End Collage

The Collage Design Shape,

The Collage Design Takes Shape.

The collage now features a repeated floral motif detail carved into the blond sandstone townhouse fronts in Observatory Road in the Dowanhill area, close to the main thoroughfare of Byres Road. The motif is placed beneath the bay windows of the magnificent townhouses.

I have added several sections of the encaustic tiles photographed in Saltoun Street with the wonderful rich turquoise blue, deep red and black colours highlighting and contrasting the elements of the geometric designs.

A closer look at the collage also reveals repeating small stylised flowers found on a top section of wrought iron railings in Saltoun Street.

There are triangles of carved sandstone which surround the central section of the collage, This detail is from the blond sandstone carvings on a tenement facade similar to the Greek classical ornamental designs made popular by the architect Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson. (1817 – 1875)

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