ARTchitecture Exhibition at the Doors Open Days Festival Glasgow 2016

I am excited and delighted to be taking part in the festival this year with an exhibition of collage work situated  in four locations throughout the city. The festival celebrates Glasgow’s architectural heritage with events, visits, tours, walks and talks being held from Monday 12th to Sunday 18th September 2016.

The collages for the ARTchitecture exhibition are being displayed at The Tron Theatre, St Andrews In The Square, Gateway Cathcart Baptist Church and Greyfriars Garden in Merchant City.

I have created new collages specifically for the exhibition venues, including artwork inspired by the plants and garden features of Greyfriars Garden in the heart of Merchant City, nestled between the buildings of Strathclyde University.



Greyfriars Garden Collage

The first Greyfriars Garden Collage Design.


Greyfriars Garden Collage

Greyfriars Garden Collage variation



Greyfriars Garden Collage

Greyfriars Garden Collage with plants and buildings.


Greyfriars Garden Collage with Strathclyde University buildings featured.

Greyfriars Garden Collage highlighting the architecture of Strathclyde University, framed within in the spaces between the garden railings.


Greyfriars Garden Collage

This composition features a purple flower and a wooden barrel from the garden.


Greyfriars Garden

More sections have been added to enlarge the design.


The completed Greyfriars Collage

The finished collage. The collage can be viewed at Greyfriars Garden, Shuttle Street, Glasgow G1 5EZ   Monday -Friday 10am -2pm and Saturday -Sunday 10am -5pm during the Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival.




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