Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson’s Bicentenary Birthday 9th April 2017

The renowned and influencial Glasgow architect Alexander Thomson , was born in the village of Balfron near Glasgow on 9th April 1817. He was the seventeenth of twenty children.
He never travelled abroad, spending most of his life in Victorian Glasgow.
As well as a superb creator and planner of buildings,Thomson was a deep thinker and religious man who’s work was influenced by Egyptian, Assyrian and notably Classical Greek design and architecture.
For more information about Thomson and the events being held to celebrate the bicentenary of his birth go to where a programme of talks, walks and other celebrations for this year are detailed.

This image shows the detailed layering of a  collage.

The design for this small collage was inspired by the beautiful decoration adorning the walls and floors of Holmwood House, Thomson’s villa masterpiece in Cathcart, Glasgow.

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