Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson LINES OF THOUGHT Bicentenary Exhibition at The Lighthouse.

From 18th August until 8th October 2017, The Lighthouse in Glasgow was host to the ‘Lines Of Thought’ exhibition celebrating the genius and the bi-centinary of the birth of architect Alexander Thomson.
The exhibition could be viewed in Gallery One of The Lighthouse and displayed a selection of Thomson’s original drawings with artists and architects who interpreted his work in a range of mediums.
I was delighted to be invited, honoured to be taking part and privileged to be exhibiting alongside Thomson’s original drawings. This significant and major exhibition displayed many of Thomson’s work never seen in public before. It was a real treat and very exciting to be taking part in this event.
My collage chosen by the Alexander Thomson Society for the exhibition was inspired by Thomson’s stunning Holmwood House in Cathcart. Named Squares and Spirals, the collage reveals the detail from the frontage of the house and the interior tiles decorating the floors with other features.

The images below were photographed at the exhibition and include the collage named ‘Squares and Spirals.’

Holmwood Collage detail.

Once again Minton tiles feature in this collage alongside a pair of quirky chimney pots, typical of the attention to detail paid by the architect to all aspects of the building from the floor to the roof. The collage also features some carved wooden detail from a door inside the villa.

This view reveals the layers used in the centre section of the collage.

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