Art Work Inspired By The Arlington Baths

Using the beautiful mosaic centre of the floor at the old water fountain in the Turkish Suite as inspiration, this unfinished ( I’m still working on it…) circular design depicts the colours of the tiny tiles which are a variation of greens and blues.

Lovely random shades of green with a hint of blue, this watercolour is almost completed. This is painted on Indian rag Khadi paper.


The rectangular collage in a repeating pattern is looking very organic. This impression comes from the ceramic tile daisy pattern and the detail of the sandstone carving seen on a pillar at the entrance to the Arlington Baths Club. In the collage are the reflections of daylight on the pool and a reflected and distorted pattern of the floor mosaic on the steel fountain basin. I’m delighted to say that this original collage now belongs to a club member.

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