Remembering Glasgow School of Art

The images in this drawing are of the interior and exterior features of the Glasgow School of Art which was devastatingly destroyed by  a huge blaze in June 2018.

I was fortunate to be able to take photographs of GSA both inside and out a few years ago. I used these as the starting point for creating several photographic collages of the building which I have since completed.

In this piece, features include the beautiful ceramic tiling from the east and west stairwells, wrought iron decoration from the building facade, the weathervane from the east side of the roof, the brass plates from the front swing doors at 167 Renfrew Street, the stunning ceiling beams in the atrium exhibition space where daylight flooded in, and the leaded glass panels inserted into so many of the internal doors of the building.

For the drawing I worked with mainly aquarelle pencils, blending where appropriate with a paintbrush.

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