Sea Pottery Collages.

I have a collection of fragments of Victorian pottery which I found when beachcombing on the stone and pebble shore at Inveraray, a town situated on Loch Fyne, a sea loch, in the west coast of Scotland. The pottery has been broken into small pieces, worn and smoothed by the action of the water, pebbles and sand. It had been in the sea for a very long time before eventually being washed ashore by the tide.

I have used the pottery pieces, to develop a series of small collages. Each fragment was glued onto handmade Indian cotton rag paper and then painted with various designs, inspired by the patterns on the pottery. The collages are layered and mounted onto a black painted canvas.

I worked with aquarelle pencils, fine line drawing pens, opaque watercolour pens, a glass painting medium and watercolour paints on each collage.

I have since displayed them in the David Mach studio in London, during a winter weekend event at Havelock Walk, a mews area where 30 artists live and work. I was invited to show some of this work and delighted to be taking part.


The series of collages included these two with green coloured pottery pieces. The second green collage below contains the newest piece of pottery which is from the 1950s or 1960s judging by the style of design.












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