The Annual Schools Art Competition 2019

I had the privilege and pleasure of judging and presenting the prizes for the 2019 children’s art competition at Kelvingrove along with fellow judge, Libby Walker.
We spent a full day looking at some incredibly good pieces of artwork consisting of drawings and paintings all done in situation at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, The Museum of Religion and GoMA. There were over 1,000 entries to look at and judge for awards. A challenging task given the high standard of work.
The competition, with entries from Central Scotland and Glasgow, attracts a wide range of work every year from nursery, primary and secondary pupils as well as individual entries.
It was especially meaningful and exciting for me because I was awarded a silver medal a long time ago, when I was a secondary pupil taking part in the same competition with my painting of purple hydrangeas. I remember it well…and I still have the silver medal and invitations to the awards ceremony.
The pupils were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals, highly commended and commended certificates for their efforts and an invitation to the buffet and presentation at the award ceremony which was well attended by pupils, parents and teachers on one very special evening in September.
Prizes were donated to the event by Friends of Glasgow Museums, much appreciated supporters of the competition.

Some of the competition entries the S1-6 category
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