Sea Pottery Collage Work: West Coast Meets East Coast.


A selection of collage work is currently being displayed and is for sale in the Seagull Gallery, Gourock.
The layered panels are inspired by the designs on seashore pottery fragments found by myself and collected. The pieces are from Loch Fyne shores in Argyll, Lower Largo beach and Leven Beach, Fife.
The artwork is painted on Indian hand produced Khadi paper, made from recycled cotton rags then mounted onto a square primed black canvas.
I have used watercolours, aquarelle pencils, acrylic paints and paint pens along with Rotring drawing ink pens to develop the designs and the colours have evolved from the patterned colours on the pottery pieces. The pottery selected is mostly Victorian and Edwardian pieces.

Ceramic paint adds shine, texture and layer to each collage.
The collages have their own unique titles reflecting the mood of the completed work.

The collages are priced at £55  with a larger collage  £75. For a small additional cost they can be framed with or without glass.

A selection of the collages on display and for sale in the gallery.  


                                             Victorian Brown                                                                                   Distinctive, detailed Victorian pottery section of design from the shores near Inverary. This piece of pottery has been transfer printed.


                                                      Grey Mist.                                                                                                     Another section of sea pottery found on the shore near Inverary. This probably cane from a large dinner plate.


Blue Breeze

                                                         Sea Green.                                                                                                        Several small pieces green stoneware and plate pottery in hard to find green.

                                                            Sea Blossom.                                                                                          A plate fragment at least 120 years old is the inspiration for this collage design.


                                                      Blue Horizon.                                                                            Found while walking on the stone and pebble shore near Inverary on the shores of Loch Fyne.


                                                           Below is a selection of the pottery fragments I collected from on Scotland’s shores. 



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